Quote 3Β 

A very insightful quote from Richard Branson. 

We always keep thinking, whether I am good enough for this opportunity in my life . Will I be able to handle it ? 

We should just jump in and try it out. It will be a great experience for us whether it works out or not. That is another matter. Important thing is to attempt and savour the opportunity that we have been given.



Quote 2 HappyΒ 

Happiness is of 2 types  :  Relative and Absolute ..

Relative Happiness is dependent on external circumstances. For example, a job, lover, wealth etc. This kind of happiness changes according to the situation. Like a roller coaster up and down. The world is focused on this kind of happiness.

Absolute Happiness comes from within and isn’t dependent on external factors. Obviously, we all have challenges in our lives. The key is to remain cheerful through it all. For this we need to strengthen our Faith. 

Let’s focus on strengthening our faith and our view of the world will change.



This quote is so true in our lives because we hold on to our past which blocks our personal growth . We should not keep our emotions bottled in like I do. Otherwise, they will destroy us.

Never lose faith . Develop compassion towards all. Easier said than done . See the bright side of life.

This requires courage to follow our dreams and to make mistakes on our journey. 

Thank you writeshefali.wordpress.com for this challenge.

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Have a great day ! 


Congratulations ! πŸπŸŽ‚πŸ©πŸͺ


My Dear Friend,
Exactly a week ago, the day began the way it usually does.  I had to make a trip to the bank so was out and not connected to the virtual world.
As the weather keeps changing in the rainy season, it took me longer than usual. You guessed it, the heavens had opened up.  I was caught between the dialogue between heaven and earth. 🏭.  I was drenched by the time I returned home.
Upon checking my notifications, I came across a soul warming message from you .
You had received your overdue promotion, the recognition you deserve. You are climbing the corporate ladder and spiritual ladder simultaneously. You are doing great. The best things in life come in small packages like me. Just kidding. πŸ˜‚
When the heavens open up, sometimes I think that they are weeping for me. No no , Not today ! Today, heaven had a different plan, it had drenched me in joy. πŸ™Œ
I am so proud of you ! Happy that you remembered me.
I am there for you always and always.
Just look over your shoulder….
Just look over your shoulder……
I will be there……


Live Life

I find the message in this photo so true. The soul inhabits the body and not the other way round.
We are focused on the body that is our exterior and forget the soul which is our being.
Chasing material pleasures we forget that it’s the soul that needs nurturing through the body.
We are always doing or seeking others approval in our lives and ignore our self worth.
We should learn to savour the life that we have been given by doing the things we enjoy. That’s how our soul will grow.
“ME” time without any pretensions will nourish us and we will see the true nature of life.




Ego is just a three letter word. How a simple word can carry a heavy weight in our lives ?
Why do Human beings have egos ? Is it because of wealth, status and power ? Well, people have egos without these things.
Our egos prevent us from apologising when we are in the wrong. Why do we always wait for the other person to speak first, to have a dialogue ? I try to greet people first, it doesn’t matter if they respond or not. Maybe they think that i am stupid.
Egos cause wars and strife because each country wants to prove their superiority. They destroy relationships , when people are hell bent on proving the opposite person wrong.
Imagine no countries, all the people living together as one in peace. Woohoo ! Maybe someday you will join us and the world will be as one. As John Lennon would sing.
Let’s take the first step and deflate our egos. Try it ! It will make you feel better and lighter.
Let’s say Go Ego, go away and let me live another day !

“The basis of earning people’s trust is to always keep your promises. If you keep promises, no matter what you may sacrifice, you will definitely gain trust. This is the crucial social skill for young people. If you cannot do something, you should clearly say so. But if you say you will do something, you must follow through. This is the basis of gaining trust. And it is something you can do without spending money.”
– Josei Toda , SGI 2nd President ( my mentor )