Sandals and Emotions

On a rainy Sunday evening, I went along with my mom and sister to Bata since they wanted to purchase sandals.
When you visit a shoe shop, you see people of all ages. Kids, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. On a Sunday, a lot more people are out shopping since it is the beginning of the school year. A group of ladies were buying shoes. Kids were running around. I noticed a father and son playing, oblivious to the people around them. The wonders of childhood.
This took me back to my childhood. Rewind…..
Just before the start of my school year, my family trooped to the Bata showroom in our white Fiat car on a Sunday evening. After buying shoes, we hopped across the road to have our fill of the famous Tibbs frankies / rolls.
A Evening well enjoyed and we headed home to prepare for the loooong school week ahead.
Aah , those wonderful and happy childhood memories…….



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