Ego is just a three letter word. How a simple word can carry a heavy weight in our lives ?
Why do Human beings have egos ? Is it because of wealth, status and power ? Well, people have egos without these things.
Our egos prevent us from apologising when we are in the wrong. Why do we always wait for the other person to speak first, to have a dialogue ? I try to greet people first, it doesn’t matter if they respond or not. Maybe they think that i am stupid.
Egos cause wars and strife because each country wants to prove their superiority. They destroy relationships , when people are hell bent on proving the opposite person wrong.
Imagine no countries, all the people living together as one in peace. Woohoo ! Maybe someday you will join us and the world will be as one. As John Lennon would sing.
Let’s take the first step and deflate our egos. Try it ! It will make you feel better and lighter.
Let’s say Go Ego, go away and let me live another day !

“The basis of earning people’s trust is to always keep your promises. If you keep promises, no matter what you may sacrifice, you will definitely gain trust. This is the crucial social skill for young people. If you cannot do something, you should clearly say so. But if you say you will do something, you must follow through. This is the basis of gaining trust. And it is something you can do without spending money.”
– Josei Toda , SGI 2nd President ( my mentor )




16 thoughts on “Ego”

  1. Nice take on ego… Actually self respect and ego have almost a invisible line… Sometimes we mix them… But yes ego does come in between in destroying relations and to prove we are superior to each other. I liked this write up πŸ™‚

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      1. Ya I remember those school days… Only difference there we wrote for marks… Here for likes ;)…lol… Anyway you can wait with the recognition one, till you find more followers or blogs you like… I took it as an opportunity to tell bloggers about myself and by nominating others I let them know how much I liked their blogs πŸ™‚

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