Fully Loaded

A couple of days ago. A sunny late morning. A city groaning and bursting at it’s seams. 
As usual, I was traveling in my red limousine. Close to my destination, the bus stopped at the red signal.  Across the road, an Indian handcart (similar to the picture) had stopped in it’s tracks with one side down groaning with the load of 20 cartons ( I counted ) . 6 men were at their wit’s end on how to carry on their journey, with a traffic cop standing next to them while the traffic flowed around them. Well, I couldn’t see how they managed to balance the handcart since my bus went towards my destination when the signal was a happy green. 
It just makes me wonder why humans have to earn their daily wages in this manner. Despite, the advance of technology , people still labour like this . Are we progressing or regressing. ?. Are we human or a slave to our routine. Watch, look and move on. Does this happen only in India ?
I wonder………


8 thoughts on “Fully Loaded”

  1. though i understand from where u r coming, but until the nation is educated enough to equipp itself with the technology advances and even basic education, isnt it a blessing in disguise to have such laborious jobs? how will the millions of people who are not privileged to even read or write earn their daily bread otherwise? the stage has to be prepared first for the performance to happen- isnt it?

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  2. People have become slaves to their routine. It’s not if something slot of people consider anymore. They get faithfully like robots and end up overworking themselves to the point of sickness and exhaustion. This happens all over the world even with advanced technology. Modern day slavery with pay while the mind remains chattel.

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      1. People in the world have become slaves to their routine in order make a living for themselves and their families. They take on a ridiculous workload to make money or, their workload is pilled high by companies or industries who, don’t give a shit about them as a person or employee. Thus, people are forced to choose between keeping their mouths shut about it or not having food for their families, or enough money to keep the lights on, and proper shoes on their feets. Let’s not even discuss healthcare. I think this guy carrying this heavy load is a perfect example of being overloaded and probably paid poorly. Although in technologically advanced countries the work sometimes can’t be seen in such a manner, the metaphor rings true. A slave to survive, or have 1 up over others. So I’d have to say the world as a whole is regressing under the mask of progressing, all while ALOT of people dare not think for themselves lest these all-powerful industries, be off with their heads, aka their paychecks. The world, because this doesn’t just happen in India. . . And, to far more than an exiguous amount of people, education is a rare commodity. I say this because education isn’t equally accessible to everyone. Hence the scarcity of opportunity that gives birth to the desperation to work jobs such as this one.

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